Honors_202_H Capstone Seminar

research_zoneThe Honors Capstone Seminar develops advanced undergraduate group research skills including planning and presenting research findings at a community-wide academic symposium. It also advances the level of critical thinking, effective communication, and applied learning through ePortfolios. It was through this course that I became an excellent group worker as well as a splendid researcher.

Think, Engage, Create, Communicate, & Apply are the core learning outcomes for the college.

We engaged these outcomes through a variety of mediums:
Before the first day of class we were all already encouraged to think about the possibilities of our research project, since we were going to be working and deeply engaging it throughout the term. Furthermore, we were also in charge of, as group deciding the topics that we presented in the symposium.
Our first assignment for this class was the group prospectus. Our group had decided to research the applicability of the housing first program in Eugene Oregon.  This assignment helped us define the very first sentence on this paragraph, our research question.

Group Prospectus


One of the assignments that I thought was among the most helpful was the annotated bibliography. During this course, I often found that it was our duty to define the scope of work and when making this document, the bibliography, our group was able to do that exactly and easily.

Annotated Bibliography 

We also went to the Oregon State University Honors Program Symposium where we learned various forms of communication as well.

SymposumPoster (1)  SymposumPoster (2)


SymposumPoster (4)  SymposumPoster (5)SymposumPoster (6)






Additionally, we created an abstract a week before our presentation. This assignment did the final condensation of our scope of work for the presentation we made.




The last assignment we had to was a reflection for the class. This last reflection was extremely useful, since it let me rethink all of the skills that I have learned through out this seminar and how they apply to the colleges’ core learning outcomes.

Final Reflection


Lastly we got to create a presentation to communicate our research during the Lane Honors symposium.

SymposumPoster (1)

This Course was one that gave me amazing opportunities to independently research and then reflect on best practices with guidance.


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