In this place you can learn about the goals that I hold close to my heart. This  page  should  clearly  lay  out  my  goals. As you might already know from my about page I am a very persistent person.

One of my  career  goals I want to be a professor preferably at Lane Community College. I want to be able to teach and help my community. “Help them from what?” Some may ask. I want to answer with this short, but incredibly powerful video.

It is this unseen and untold reality that many students of color face on a daily basis that drives me to want to be a professor. I want to give this youth the tools that they need to succeed in this world. Sometimes all this youth needs is someone who tells them “I believe in you.”

My goals while I attend Lane Community College is mainly graduating and transferring to Boston University, while becoming a community leader and an engaged citizen of the world. I believe that one is the change they want to see in the world.

Lane Honors Program

As for my time in the Lane Honors Program, during winter term of 2015, a goal I held for myself this term is to explore the hyper-criminalization of Latino and Black American males. I however ended up narrowing my scope of inquiry into looking how transculturation is used as a form of resistance, with a focus on the letter Felipe Guaman de Poma wrote to King Philip III El Primer Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno.

This spring term, my last term at Lane Community College, I am currently working on my ePorfolio and wish to expand it for my extracurricular. This would benefit me for a place for reflection, but also to showcase my community involvement. Additionally, as a requirement for  my class, I have been part of a research project for the possibility of implementing a housing first program in Eugene, Oregon.





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