Associated Students of Lane Community College

This page is underdevelopment. Please the unfinished work, if any.

The Associated Students of Lane Community College (ASLCC) is an advocacy organization dedicated to serving and protecting the needs and interests of students. We do this by raising awareness about the issues that affect students, providing avenues for access to decision makers on a state and local level; and developing student leaders and organizations to directly influence issues that affect our communities.

My position within ASLCC was the Multicultural Programs Coordinator (MPC). As the MPC, I made sure we served all students, including traditionally marginalized communities and not necessarily those from the hegemonic culture.

My Projects as the Multicultural Programs Coordinator:

Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán de Lane Community College (MEChA de LCC) Student Union recruitment:

A big part of my plan to increase student union members top 25 members for MEChA was starting with early recruitment. I thought would be to start recruiting through a retreat and bring interested people and encourage what would be inactive members to participate so that . I was not sure of to to go about it since most as mentioned before, most members were inactive, not to mention there is a very low enrollment during the summer.

The Process started by getting MEChA de Lane Community College willing to do it, so I brought it up in one of their meetings, presented my idea and got it passed. My idea was to go to a cabin station in Florence Oregon that Lane Community College owned. I contacted the folks at silt coos station and discussed the logistics for our stay.


MEChA de Lane Community College First Annual Retreat Agenda Final


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